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Tutorials: GameTree Linux - Part 3 - Debugging and crash logs


Sometimes, a game just doesn't wanna run or install. And sometimes, it gives an error, which could help you identify the problem about running or installing the game. How? Well, when the game crashes, it usually gives an error, and GameTree Linux helps you showing "# new alerts", where # is a number.

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Of course, you would like to know what kind of alert is. To do this, just click on alerts, and it will show you date, time, folder, name of the crashed process, and the message. Easy, huh?

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Usually, as this test, an unhandled exception doesn't help you so much. So...

Let's use some logs!!!!

The first thing to do is enabling the debug mode. How to do this? Click on file -> Debug. Now you will see a new label called "debug", which will show you some useful options.

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Debug flags let you choose what kind of parameters you would like to trace.

+tid: prepends each log message with the ID of the thread it came from
+seh: logs Windows exceptions (Structured Exception Handling)
+relay: logs every function call in Wine builtin DLLs

I don't know what +ole means, so if anyone knows that, please tell me!
+ddraw logs every graphic parameter and it's useful for graphic issues.

Debug output let you choose if logging in a file or in a console, and defer tracing separates the parameters traced.

So, the log file should be like this:

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If you have got some knowledge about logging and debugging, you should be able to understand what the problem is... I haven't got these knowledge, so i can only understand things like missing dlls and some other little things.

I don't like a GUI...

All right, you don't like a GUI, you're an old hardcore linux user, which use only the console to unhinge your operative system. GameTree Linux lets you do about everything from console.
Just open a terminal, and type "gametree --help".

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As you can see, you can do about everything only typing "gametree <command> <parameters>". For example, i wanna show you how to run an installed game, which means you can see all the process in the terminal, just like the debug mode (of course, without the debug mode!).
Just type "gametree --run <folder> <shortcut>", which in this case are <folder>="Black & White 2" and <shortcut>="Black & White 2". The command will be "gametree --run "Black & White 2" "Black & White 2"".

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And that's all. Remember, GameTree Linux is a pretty easy program, but only a few games will run easily without any issue.

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  2. I got it :) I bought it a couple of weeks ago with a 20% discount using a code. I use Crossover Games, PlayOnLinux and GameTree Linux. I planned to make tutorials for all three programs, and i have chosen to begin with GameTree Linux. I agree with you, in fact, many games that work on CXGames don't work on GameTree Linux. But GameTree Linux is still alive, so i just made a tutorial for using it. Thanks for your comment :)

  3. Hey, I need some help with my GameTree Linux. Everytime I try to install a game [EvE] the GUI freezes up and I need to force close it to continue on.

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  6. I concur with you, in fact, various video games that function on CXGames don't function on GameTree Linux

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