domenica 2 ottobre 2011

Infos: The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

If you didn't know anything about it, the Humble Bundle is a series of bundles (....) that contains a variable number of indie games, most of them running natively on linux. The games are always great indie games, but the best thing about it is that you can pay what you want for that bundle, there's no price limit. There have been some great, really great bundles since now, and now here's the new one!

The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle contains the game "Frozen Synapse", a cool RPG game. But that's not all. If you pay more than the average price of the bundle (only 4 dollars), you will get the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle, which contains these awesome games:

- Trine
- Shadowgrounds
- Shadowgrounds: Survivor
- Trauma
- Jack Claw (a prototype of a game never released)
- Splot (not released yet, but if you buy the bundle, will be included a pre-order!)

UPDATE (06/10/2011): The Humble Bundle Team has just added another game, SpaceChem! If you already bought the Bundle, it will appear as downloadable in your personal humble bundle page (obviously for free!).

But hey, that's not all!!! You will get also all the soundtracks!!!
What are you waiting for??? For only 4 dollars you will get 7 great indie games and you can redeem them on Desura and Steam if you want!
This offer ends on October 13th, so don't be stupid and be quick!

If you want me to do a "Let's play" of these games, just tell me, i will do as soon as possible!

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  1. Sorry for the hijack, but if someone is interested i've made a contest to win a free copy of this bundle.

    More info on:

  2. Ma... Sei italiano! Fantastico, anche io! Complimenti per l'iniziativa, e sentiti libero di scrivere quello che credi :)

    (lo scrivo anche in inglese, se non ti dispiace)

    Congratulations for the contest, feel free to write all you want! :)

  3. Si italianissimo,

    E mi raccomando se vuoi partecipa anche tu :)
    Non mi dispiacerebbe troppo se andasse ad un compaesano.


  4. In realtà l'ho già comprato (non so se hai notato che i windowsiani sono alquanto tirchi, mentre noi linuxiani siamo sempre più generosi, nonostante amiamo il free e l'opensource), ma comunque partecipo volentieri, magari poi lo regalo a qualche amico :)