lunedì 7 novembre 2011

Let's Play: P-UAE

Welcome everybody again to a new Let's Play! This time, i want to talk about P-UAE. What's P-UAE? P-UAE is a Commodore Amiga emulator for Linux. It's easy to use, free, and highly customizable. Well... Let's go!

A hard choice... Or not?

P-UAE is a native linux Commodore Amiga emulator, so there's no choice.

Talking about performances...

First of all my hardware:

agp_aperture_size: 256
cpu: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955 Processor
cpu_ghz: 0.80
distro: Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric
kernel: 3.0.0-13-generic
machine_bitness: 64
memory: 3960
soundcard: HDA ATI SB at 0xfbcf4000 irq 16
soundcard_driver: ALSA Version 1.0.23
videocard_direct: True
videocard_driver_version: 4.1.0 NVIDIA 280.13
videocard_manufacturer: NVIDIA Corporation
videocard_ram: 1024
videocard_type: GeForce GTX 550 Ti/PCI/SSE2
x_version: X.Org X Server 1.10.1

This time there's no comparison because being an old games emulator, performances depend by the emulator itself and not by the OS.
Anyway, performances are great on Ubuntu (this time, 11.10 64-bit version)!


The process takes about 10 minutes (including program download, alien download, rpm to deb converting and program installation).
The site at the beginning of the video is "".


Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment if you got some problems or if you just wanna ask me a question. I will always answer you!

5 commenti:

  1. how do you obtain system info? is it output from cli command?

  2. No! I just use one of gametree linux options.. As i described in my gametree linux tutorial, you can copy your system info and paste everywhere :-) thank you for your visit..

  3. Great little tutorial.

    I've been having no end of issues getting something to play classic Amiga music on Ubuntu, and this is a fantastic alternative.

  4. Thanks :)
    Yeah, i think this is a good emulator too!

  5. Myślę że bardzo dobrze pamiętam okres kiedy grało się w gry na Amigę 500. Według mnie jest to powrót do czasów młodości i jestem zdania, że wielu z nas pamięta takie czasy. W ostatnim czasie udało mi się nawet pobrać emulator Amigi więc można było sobie przypomnieć lata młodości. Super sprawa takie stare gierki.