lunedì 19 marzo 2012

The Humble Bundle for Android #2
Hi everybody! It's time for a new Humble Bundle! This is the second bundle for Android too, and as the slogan says "pay what you want for awesome games, Mac, Windows, Linux AND Android"!!!!

You already now the quality of these bundles, but i want to repeat it.
Pay what you want for a bunch of spectacular indie games, in this case:

- Indie parkour platformer "Canabalt"

- Meditative puzzle game "Zen Bound 2"

- 3D puzzle game "Cogs"

- RPG fantasy game "Avadon: the Black Fortress"

And, if you pay more than the average price (now $5,67), you get also:

- Side-scrolling strategy game "Swords & Soldiers"

You can also redeem all of these games on Steam!
You have 14 days to get this bundle. C'mon, you can't miss it!!! Don't be stupid and be quick!!

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