giovedì 24 maggio 2012

PlayOnLinux 4.1 released

Sorry for the lack of news about it!
PlayOnLinux 4.1 has been released.
Here's the changelog:

PlayOnLinux can open documents, and manage extensions
A new debugger
A new configure window
Optirun support
- System check on startup
- Lot of bug fixed (proxy settings, cdrom problems, wget, ...)
- UTF-8 problems fixed
Install window : you can see the screenshots in big size by clicking on it
A bug for Ubuntu 12.04 users that prevented PlayOnLinux from running is fixed
- Bugfix : POL prevented wine from running when the .exe was installed in a bad filesystem (instead of just alerting)
- Wine architectures problem should be fixed
- Ability to run custom commands before starting a program or a game
- Bugs fixed : 72, 561
- 64bits prefixes creation support

Download it from:

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