giovedì 20 settembre 2012

The Humble Indie Bundle 6

Say hello to the new Humble Indie Bundle!

6th "official" bundle of the series, this brand new bundle comes with 5 NEW Linux games never seen before in previous bundles (plus 1 game if you beat the average)! We were just enjoying the 5th bundle, and it's time for the 6th already! So, let's take a look these new games:

- Dustforce: in this frenetic, award-winning platformer by Hitbox Team, sweep your way through over fifty levels of wall rebounding, double jumping endurance runs where finesse matters as much as dust destruction.

- Rochard: in this critically acclaimed side-scrolling sci-fi platformer, John Rochard must master the use of gravity, weight, and matter to overcome various obstacles and puzzles in his quest against an intergalactic archaeological conspiracy.

- Shatter: a fresh take on brick-breakers, adding new physics-based concepts to alter the trajectory of every ball in play.

- Space Pirates And Zombies: explore the stars, outfit your own ships, and engage in intense combat in this top down space shooter by MinMax Games.

- Torchlight: in this addicting fantasy action RPG, take on the role of a lone hero who uses brawn and magic to hack and slash their way through intense crowds of baddies while collecting awesome gear, loot, and skills.

And... If you beat the average price (now $5,77), you get also:

- Vessel: in this liquid-manipulating puzzle platformer by Strange Loop Games, take on the role of Arkwright, the inventor of liquid-comprised automatons called Fluros, originally used throughout the world to make life easier for all.

You will also get all the soundtracks, you will help charity and you can pay what you want. Same good Humble Indie Bundle then! So, what are you waiting for? You have still 13 days! Don't be stupid and be quick!

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