martedì 1 gennaio 2013

The Humble Indie Bundle #7

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This would be the first post of the year, and i know it comes a bit late, since this bundle has been released about 10 days ago. But, you know, i've been pretty busy with all Christmas stuff. Anyway, let's get ready to humbleeeeeeeeee!
The seventh Humble Indie Bundle has been released, and as always, it is amazing!

When it first came, the bundle contained a few (good) games and a movie (plus, all the soundtracks). But now, since some days passed away, the bundle has been updated with more games, and now it contains 9 games and a movie!
Let's take a look to all the games and the movie contained inside this bundle!

- Snapshot: in this creative and colorful side-scrolling puzzler by Retro Affect, guide Pic, a robot lost in an abandoned world and armed with a very unique device: his camera!

- Closure: in the dark and mysterious world of Closure, only what you see exists. Manipulate lights to phase objects in and out of reality in this platform puzzler!

- The Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb DLC: fight your fears with tears in this top-down action RPG shooter with heavy rogue-like elements.

- Shank 2: ex-mob hit man Shank is back in Shank 2, the fantastic sequel to the beloved original 2D side-scrolling brawler.

- Indie Game: the Movie: a fantastic feature-length documentary about making video games. It specifically focuses on Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes during the development of Super Meat Boy, Phil Fish while he develops Fez, and Jonathan Blow and his acclaimed indie title, Braid.

And, if you pay more than the average price, you also get...

- Dungeon Defenders + DLC: a combination action RPG/tower defense game that lets you (and 3 other friends!) take on the role of four different hero classes and fend off an invasion of baddies.

- Legend of Grimrock: old school and modern gaming combines in this thrilling dungeon crawler RPG from Almost Human Games.

- The Basement Collection: it features a compilation of Flash games from the unique mind of Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac).

- Offspring Fling: a game about a poor forest creature that has misplaced all of her children. She'll have to fight her way through over 100 levels of action puzzle platforming to get them all back home.

- Cave Story+: a 2D platformer in the "metroidvania" tradition, with a classic, world-saving hero and an emphasis on exploration and discovery.

I said it, this post comes a bit late, and you still have just 1 day and a half to buy this bundle. Pay what you want, help charity, and get 9 fantastic games, a movie, and all the soundtracks! So, what are you waiting for? Don't be stupid and be (this time, seriously) quick!

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