venerdì 22 marzo 2013

The Humble Weekly Sale: Bastion

Amazing news! The Humble Bundle team has released his first "Humble Weekly Sale"! What's that?
Simple. Every tuesday, a new game is released and can be bought for only 1 dollar (or more). BUT, there's also the possibility to unlock some new contents and/or merchandise. If you beat a price (which can be an average for new contents or a higher price for the merchandise) you get soundtracks, manuals and for the first time, physical merchandise like bandanas, original CDs, postcards etc...

This week, the Humble Weekly Sale contains one of the best indie games ever released: Bastion!

Now, you can buy the game paying $1 or more, but if you want...

- You can beat the average (now $2.65) to get:

Bonus Content

- Or you can pay more than $25 to get:


And remember, part of your money will go to charity!
So, pay what you want, help charity, get amazing games and many other contents (also physical merchandise)!
What are you waiting for? Don't be a stupid and be quick!

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