giovedì 15 agosto 2013

The Humble Weekly Sale: Introversion

LLLLLLadies and gentlemen, here's the new Humble Weekly Sale, the "Introversion" Humble Weekly Sale, featuring 4 Linux games plus the pre-order for coming game Prison Architect!

Let's take a look at these games:

- Uplink: in Uplink, players take on the role of a hacker for-hire, breaking into computer systems and nabbing valuable, secret information.

- Darwinia: the award-winning Darwinia combines sweet bits of arcade action with engaging strategic gameplay, making it a must-play, retro visual experience. In environments reminiscent of Tron and Lawnmower Man, players must deploy and control combat programs to fight off a malicious virus corrupting the Darwinia network.

- Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest: Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest spins the core gameplay of Darwinia into six competitive multiplayer game modes for one to four players. The objectives for each mode vary, from the familiar capture the flag-style game mode, to the task-based "Rocket Riot" mode, which has players competing to be the first to leave the planet.

- Defcon: inspired by the classic geek film WarGames, DEFCON emulates the experience of Cold War-era, global thermonuclear war on a "big board" map of the world. Up to six players compete as generals of opposing nations, with the basic goal of eliminating as much of the enemy’s population as possible while minimizing their own losses.

...And if you pay more than $24.99, you also get the pre-order of...

- Prison Architect: build and manage a maximum security prison in the top-down prison management sim Prison Architect. It’s entirely your choice when it comes to building the most horrifying prison or the most luxurious penitentiary ever.

All soundtracks are included!
Unfortunately, the week is about to end, so you only have 8 hours to get this bundle. So... What are you waiting for? Don't be stupid and be quick!

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