martedì 6 dicembre 2016

Reborn, renewed, not abandoned.

Hi everyone.
It's been... A year and a half. I know, so damn much time.
I'll try to explain as much good as possible what happened in this time.
In 2015 i was frustrated about my job, which was fucking bad. I worked far from home, stayed away from home for more than half a day, tired and kinda depressed. I had a little time to make videos and to update this blog, so i didn't.
Then, i completely broke up with my father. I can't see/hear him since June 2015, and i still don't know if i feel good or bad about this situation. The thing is, things were getting worse and worse, so i decided to give it a cut. And even if i know that i can feel good about this situation, i still think that things could have gone so much better.
At the end of 2015 i changed job. I thought finally things were getting better, but there was not the case. At the beginning it was good, but it turned out to be so much crap, they're just exploiting me, taking advantage of my capabilities and my hard work...
Then i married my girlfriend. That was the best thing in my life together with my bachelor's degree in 2013. However, nothing really changed, we had  good time before marriage just because we were living together for 5 years.

Now, it's about 2017, and i still feel that this project is not over. As you will see, i updated and renewed my youtube channel. I finally started monetizing my videos (thanks Youtube for that) and i decided to make more content and be steady about that, giving you 2 videos a week.
And than there's the blog. As i said before, this blog will be updated less frequently than the youtube channel, but this doesn't mean that i'm gonna abandon it.

Anyway, i really suggest you to visit my channel and subscribe right now for future contents, visit also my G+ and Twitter pages and continue visiting this blog, since there will be new content real soon!

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