venerdì 8 giugno 2012

Update: added 3 games to The Humble Indie Bundle V

Yes, you got it! Other 3 great games have been added to The Humble Indie Bundle V!
IMHO, this makes this bundle the best bundle ever created, because now, if you beat the average price (about $8), you have 8 games!!!
And we're talking about some of the best indie games of all time! But let's take a look at the new 3 games added yesterday:

- Braid: does this game need an introduction? It's simply one of the most beautiful puzzle platform games of all time!

- Lone Survivor: a psychological survival adventure created by the one-man studio, Superflat Games!

- Super Meat Boy: again, a game which doesn't need an introduction. You'll surely recognize the game when you'll see the video!

You know, each time a new bundle comes out, i say the catchphrase "don't be stupid and be quick".
Well, this time, and i'm serious, with a few dollars (or euros), you will get 8 awesome games, and i assure you that they are worth it. Come on, don't be stupid. Don't be a fool. Be quick!

2 commenti:

  1. Thanks for putting this out there. I didn't know, and I already bough the bundle. There they were in my download page. Pure Awesomeness!

    1. Yeah, really awesome!
      Humble Bundle team has done a great job this time!