giovedì 15 dicembre 2011

Infos: CrossOver Games 10.2.0 released

Weeks ago (sorry for the delay) CodeWeavers has released a maintenance update for CrossOver Games (10.2.0 version), and this is the changelog:
  • Worked around the 'backwards elbow' bug in Rift on Lion.
  • Fixed behavior of Plants vs. Zombies in windowed mode.
  • Improved loading and play of Portal 2.
  • Fixed 'Add a Character Friend' behavior in StarCraft 2.
  • Fixed the Perfect World International launcher.
  • Added a 'steamid' tag to the CrossTie format. This allows a CrossTie to install and detect games via Steam.
You can download at this page:

Remember that CrossOver team provides you a free 7 days trial, but the full program is not free!

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