mercoledì 14 dicembre 2011

Infos: The Humble Indie Bundle #4

Ladies and gentlemen... Please welcome at this time, The Humble Indie Bundle #4!
Pay what you want, help charity, and get some awesome indie games.
This is the complete list of what you get if you buy this bundle:

- Jamestown
- Bit.trip Runner
- Super Meat Boy
- Shank
- Nightsky HD

And... As always, if you pay more than the average price of the bundle (now at 5.36$), you will get also:

- Cave Story+
- Gratuitous Space Battles

I think it's useless to remember you this, but each and every game has its own native linux client and it's redeemable on Steam (i suppose some of these games will soon be redeemable on Desura too).
Seven games for a ridiculous price, isn't that good enough for you?
So, please, help getting linux gaming better and better buying this bundle, don't be stupid and be quick, you have about 13 days left!


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  1. Uhm...
    Since i'm italian, i just couldn't get the meaning of your comment. I searched for "brony" and i found out something regarding male people watching my little pony series... So i think that was your purpose of putting that word into your comment.
    The thing i can't understand is the link between your comment and the bundle (or my post) itself.
    Sorry for that, can you just explain it to me, poor italian blogger? :P