domenica 4 dicembre 2011

Update: StarTopia 1.0.2 patch

First of all, i wanna thank yOSHi314 for this tip.
He told me that the 1.0.2 patch of the game works better than the 1.0.1b because it does not require a noCD executable or patch anymore.
And that's the truth!
But, in order to use this patch, you have to patch the game to 1.0.1b version anyway, so these are the steps:

- Install the game.
- Apply 1.0.1b patch (see the link i provided you).
- Apply 1.0.2 patch (downloadable from
- Play the game without a noCD patch!

If you already used a noCD patch for the 1.0.1b version of the game, just rename StarTopia.exe to StarTopia.exe.bak and then unzip the 1.0.2 patch into the installation directory.
This works either with Crossover Games and PlayOnLinux/Wine.


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